Sunday Sound Out – Round 1

I started Sunday Sound Out as a way for us insta mummas to help each other out with questions on topics we have probably all asked ourselves before. It’s a great way to see what other mummas are doing if we maybe feel a bit helpless and clueless on something.

Being a first time mum is tough, but I really feel that the strong community of mummas on instagram is a great way to boost our confidence and help us feel like we are not alone on this adventure and that we are all pretty much going through the same.

Below you can find the weekly topics with the questions I have asked in this first month of Sunday Sound Out and the poll results from each one. I will also share with you my personal response to each one.

If you have any topics that you would like me to ask questions on just comment below or DM me on instagram.

Month 1

Week 1 – Sleeping

1-MJ normally is breastfed to sleep. But it really does vary. If we are out, she can easily fall asleep in her pram and normally at her set nap times which works well because I plan things around that. When we are at home her morning nap has recently been her falling asleep on me without having to feed her whilst her afternoon naps are still me feeding her.

2-MJ used to nap around 30m at a time when she was a bit younger. Depending on what time she wakes up is how I can tell how long her naps will be. If she has woken up earlier than usual she will nap for at least one hour each nap sometimes. But if she has woken up later than usual, than her naps will last between 30-45 minutes.

3-Again this varies if she has decided to have a lie in or not. On days she has woken up a bit later she has two naps a day. One mid-morning and one mid afternoon. If she has woken up early than she will have three naps, one mid morning, one after lunch and one late afternoon.

4-If I am able to place her in her crib whilst sleeping then I tend to do housework or if she has fallen asleep whilst we’ve been playing in the living room floor then I do so too. If she has fallen asleep on the sofa then I stay with her and enjoy the snuggling.

Week 2 – Routine

1-I don’t have a set day time routine for her so to say. If we have activities on set days then I work around those timings. But we will usually start the day with breakfast, play, nap. Then play, lunch, play, nap.

2-Our bedtime routine is bath, dinner, play, bedtime. Her evening routine begins as soon as the hubby is home. He likes to have his quality time with her first so he will normally bathe her whilst I’m preparing her dinner. Once she has had dinner she will play whilst we are having dinner and then she is ready for bed. It works really well for us because João gets to spend quality time with MJ and we get to have some time as a family every day too. We don’t like waiting until hubby is off for our us time. Once she’s asleep in bed we both stay up and catch up on whatever series we’re watching.

3-If a routine is disrupted she normally adapts well unless it’s the evening routine. I’ve only been away from her on three occasions during the evening and only one of those times was she asleep when I got home. The other times she stayed awake until she would see me back home and it was 11pm both times, so imagine how tired my bubba was.

4-At the moment as the hubby bathes and gives her dinner (some nights) I put her to sleep alone. She seems to be currently going through a major ‘I just want my mummy’ phase, so even if she wakes up during the night she will only let me settle her back to sleep, where before she would easily fall back asleep in daddy’s arms. Think this is mainly due to teething.

Week 3 – Weaning

1-I started weaning MJ when she was about 4.5 months old. Our pediatrician back home gave us the get go and said she was ready to begin blw. She actually surprised us, as she adapted really well even being so little.

2-I mainly prepare all her food. I tend to batch cook on a Monday and freeze it all then I have her meals set for the week. I do however always have a pouch of Ell’s Kitchen in my cupboard just in case I forgot to defrost a meal or if I’m heading out and I’ll be out at her lunch time, it’s easier to have one of the pouches on me.

3-When I first began MJ’s weaning journey I followed the guideline our pediatrician gave us. I then found a few recipes from different websites and just created my own menu calendar.

4-I introduced finger foods just before she turned seven months old. I was always worried because she has always choked since she was a little bubba, even if she’d be crying. So I was quite scared to be honest of introducing finger foods. I first began with bread which she absolutely loved and slowly began introducing more different options to her. There is a lot more playing with food than eating it, but I am always next to her whilst she’s eating to make sure she’s ok and doesn’t chunk a large bit in to her mouth now that she’s got her two bottom teeth.

Week 4 – Nappies

1-I use disposable nappies because they are just so much easier right?! I have got a bag of re-usable nappies that my mum got for me that I could use, but I’m just trying to mentalize into thinking that I will need to find the time to wash them and I just feel like I would never have time for that. Truth is, I would save money and it is more environmentally friendly.

2-Since MJ was born I use only water at home and wipes when out. She has very very sensitive skin and I noticed that even when we decided to use wipes at home as a trial, the constant use of them didn’t react well to her skin.

3-Now that MJ is moving non stop, pull up nappies are an absolute life saver. I also opted to use pull up nappies since she began using size four, as the taped nappies were beginning to cause her a skin allergy right where the tape crosses on her hips.

4-I am hoping to begin potty training this summer with her, so as she is turning one. I think the summer time is the best time to have my little one running around butt naked. My mum had us all potty trained by the age of one. So I am hoping to get MJ confident by then too. Fingers crossed it will go well 🤞🏼

I hope you have enjoyed the first month of Sunday Sound Out. Keep a look out on my insta stories every Sunday!


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